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Sporting News Picks the NFL 2019 Division Winners – Where Do the Dolphins Fall?

It’s that time of the year when national pundits start to look ahead and pick records for teams around the league, as well as pick the winners of the divisions.

Sporting News is out with their 2019 predictions, and they have their picks in for the AFC East.

As everyone would expect, the Super Bowl Champion Patriots are sitting at the top with a mark of 13-3, and once again are one of the top forces in the AFC.

Behind them are the New York Jets and new coach Adam Gase, who they say will be an over .500 team with a mark of 9-7.

The Bills and second-year QB Josh Allen will finish in third winning five games and going 5-11. Coming in last is the Miami Dolphins, who will have one of the toughest seasons in the league and will finish 2-14 according to the company.

Here’s the complete rundown of who Sporting News likes along with the Super Bowl teams.

Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Defends President Trump After Comments by WR Kenny Stills

Politics are getting in the way of Dolphins training camp, as Fins owner Stephen Ross is defending his support of longtime friend Donald Trump after one of the players on the team spoke out against the President.

The Associated Press reports that Ross is coming to the President’s defense following comments by wide out Kenny Stills.

The comments Wednesday followed a report by the Washington Post that Ross plans to host a fundraiser for the president.

Stills tweeted a screen capture from Ross’ anti-racism RISE initiative’s website and wrote, “You can’t have a non profit with this mission statement then open your doors to Trump.”

The mission statement says RISE “educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice and improve race relations.”

Ross’ fundraiser is scheduled for Friday at his home on Long Island, the Post said.

“I always have been an active participant in the democratic process,” Ross said in a statement.

Is Josh Rosen Ready to Assume the #1 QB Spot at Dolphins Camp?

Josh Rosen “might be the Dolphins QB1” when the team returns to practice on Monday according to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

Rosen shined during Saturday’s intra-squad scrimmage, making what Beasley deemed as “remarkable throws,” while Ryan Fitzpatrick fared poorly, committing two interceptions while nearly throwing a third on an errant pass he forced into double coverage.

The veteran had been leading the quarterback competition all season but Beasley believes Saturday may have changed head coach Brian Flores’ mind. “Better footwork, better mechanics in the pocket, better decision-making” said Flores.

And Miami’s longterm future will likely be brighter as soon as Flores changes his mind.

The rookie head coach has claimed all spring and summer that the starting quarterback decision will be made strictly on merit but little would be accomplished by starting Fitzmagic on a rebuilding team expected to miss the playoffs regardless of who is under center.

The Dolphins have to thoroughly evaluate Rosen, the No.10-overall pick in last year’s draft, before the stacked QB draft coming up in 2020-and the only real way to do so is to start the 22-year-oldRosen all season. The QB imploded in 13 starts as a rookie last season in Arizona but was set up to fail with little surrounding talent and a terrible coaching staff.

The change of scenery from Arizona to Miami seems to have done him some good.

Video: Remembering Former Dolphins HOF LB Nick Buoniconti

Nick Buoniconti was taken in the 13th round by the Boston Patriots of the upstart AFL and played for them from 1962 to 1968. He made the AFL All-Star Game six times and had 24 career interceptions for the Patriots, including three in a single game in 1968.

Dolphins Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti Passes Away at 78

Dolphins Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti passed away Wednesday at the age of 78, ending a years-long struggle with dementia.

There was also the likelihood that the Dolphins legend had CTE caused by an estimated half-billion hits to the head suffered during a football career that began at age 9 and continued until he retired from the Dolphins in 1976 at age 36.

Convinced that “CTE has taken my life away,” Buoniconti pledged his brain to science, a fitting final act for a man who dedicated half his life championing scientific research in his quest to cure for paralysis after son Marc was confined to a wheelchair, the result of a neck injury suffered on the football field.

After his final NFL game, Buoniconti dropped to his knees, kissed the ground, “And thanked God that I’d never gotten seriously hurt,” he once told Sports Illustrated. “Fourteen-year career? I could’ve been maimed.”

It would take decades before the true cost of those 14 years would reveal itself. With it, Buoniconti embarked on a rare public battle, including a deeply personal, 75-minute HBO documentary in which football fans saw this once-fiery Italian struggling with the simplest of tasks and, compounding matters, still cognizant that it wasn’t supposed to be that way.

Drawing parallels to his situation and Marc’s, Buoniconti said, “We’re both, in a way, paralyzed. I’m paralyzed because I can’t do the basic things in life. It’s not pleasant to think about where my life is going to take me.”

The man who once refused to blame football for his son’s condition had come full circle regarding his own, saying, “I’m positive of that … football caused this.”

Buoniconti recalled playing a significant portion of the Super Bowl following the 1971 season in a daze after getting knocked out, but who’s to say whether those seven seasons in Miami would have made a difference in what rightfully would have been his golden years?

“When we were growing up, football gave everything to us,” Marc told HBO. “And then look at what it did to me. And now look at what it’s doing to him.

“I mean, do you love the game? Hate the game? Do you love it and hate it?”

Video – Focus on the Future: The 2018 Miami Dolphins

The 2018 season was the Miami Dolphins’ 49th in the National Football League, their 53rd overall and their third and last under head coach Adam Gase.

Video – Football Gameplan’s 2019 NFL Team Preview: Miami Dolphins

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– Best Bets: 15:13

– Training Camp Surprises: 15:44

– Road to the Super Bowl: 16:23

Dolphins DT Kendrick Norton Being Released from the Hospital

There’s good news in regards to Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton, as his agent reports that he’s getting out of the hospital.

Norton had a sixth surgery earlier this week after losing his arm in a car crash on the 4th of July following a car crash.

The car wreck early on the morning of July 4 that resulted in the amputation of his left arm.

According to the accident report obtained by CBS-4 in Miami, Norton was cited for an improper lane change.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Norton was on a northbound expressway when he apparently made a sudden turn in an effort to get into a lane that was heading toward a southbound ramp.

As he made the turn, Norton’s F-250 hit a Maserati, which caused his truck to hit a concrete barrier before flipping over.

The accident took place just after 1 a.m. ET.