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2013 DG Community Mock Draft: The Miami Dolphins are now on the clock!

The time has finally come to select for the Dolphins in our community mock draft. I will submit my pick for the Dolphins at 12th overall sometime this weekend. But that will only count towards one vote for that particular player. I am asking each of you to submit your vote for who you think […]

Dolphins’ Options in First Round: Tavon Austin

We have held out long enough. It is finally time to discuss the possibility of Miami drafting the most explosive player in this year’s draft. West Virginia’s Tavon Austin has become a fan favorite to land in South Beach next Thursday night with the 12th overall selection. Some fans covet Austin because they are the […]

Dolphins’ Options With 12th Pick: Tyler Eifert

April is here. That means the 2013 NFL Draft is only 24 days away. The Dolphins could potentially be looking to add one or two more key free agents, but the vibe around the organization is that they are beginning to focus primarily on this month’s draft. With five picks in the first three rounds […]