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The “Biggest Gut-Punch Loss” in Dolphins History? SI Has Their Opinion

Sports Illustrated has put out a piece on the “Biggest gut-punch loss” for each and every franchise, the Dolphins included. The game that the author the piece, Doug Farrar, picked is an interesting one – a blowout game that was the last in the Hall of Fame career of QB Dan Marino. Miami Dolphins: Jan. […]

Dolphins HOF QB Dan Marino Out On “The NFL Today” On CBS

It’s the offseason not only for the players and teams around the NFL, but also for the broadcast booth, and a former Dolphins great is out of work today in the media. Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino is out at CBS, a part of the teams in-house broadcasting crew. Marino isn’t the only one […]

Dolphins’ Disservice to Tannehill Displays Incompetence, Irresponsibility

For years — 13 to be exact — the Miami Dolphins waited for a franchise quarterback. Searched would probably be more accurate, as “waited” doesn’t necessarily exemplify a proactive approach. 16 different quarterbacks started a game for the Dolphins in the 13 years after the great Dan Marino called it a career. And those were […]

Despite offseason additions, onus still on Ryan Tannehill in Miami

As the dust settles on one of the most eventful offseasons in Miami Dolphins history, the attention is beginning to shift back to the one person who holds the key to the success for the team in both 2013 and the foreseeable future. There’s only one who can restore the Dolphins as one of the […]

Has Your Opinion Of Dan Marino Changed After Thursday’s Bombshell?

Hall of Fame Dolphins QB Dan Marino has admitted to an affair that led to the woman, a former CBS employee, having a child. He then paid the woman millions to try to cover up the affair. Marino, married for 20 years at the time of the affair, had six children, two of whom had […]

Dan Marino Admits Fathering A Child Outside Marriage

Pro Football Hall of Famer and The NFL Today studio analyst Dan Marino hasn’t exactly been keeping his pants zipped up – if you get my drift. The former Dolphins QB confirmed a report in the New York Post that he fathered a child outside his marriage in 2005 with a CBS employee, and according […]

Get on Board with Buffalo Wild Wings’ New Fantasy Football Site – And Win a Free Shirt!

Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the best places to hang out and enjoy games and have some awesome wings and food. Well, if you have a fantasy draft coming up (and who doesn’t?), then you are going to want to get to your local BWW for their NEW fantasy football league and site! Here […]

Dolphins Gab Columnist Brant Hougton Sits Down w/ Dan Marino

Yeah, it’s true, Dan Marino is the not only the greatest quarterback of all time, but he is also the jedi master when it comes to leading his team to comeback wins. All these years some people everybody believed that John Elway, the great quarterback of the Denver Broncos, was the King of Comebacks. Well, […]