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Dolphins Lose Second Straight Game At Home To Texans, Fall To 0-2

It was the same old tune the Dolphins were dancing to at home on Sunday. You know, the Dolphins have a game in their own friendly confines of Sun Life Stadium, with it only halfway filled, playing spotty football, and losing yet another home game. Oh yeah, and they failed to finally beat the Houston […]

Dolphins Bring Back CB Will Allen

In a span of 48 hours, the Dolphins lost to the Patriots, in large part because of their lack of defense, then released a big part of the problem, Benny Sapp, and then finally bringing back recently released corner Will Allen. A lot can happen when you lose by double digits I guess! Allen was […]

Dolphins Release CB Sapp

As reported by the Sun-Sentinel, the Dolphins have released nickel cornerback Benny Sapp today. Miami now only has four cornerbacks on the roster, two of which do not have any starting experience in the league. The move comes in less than 24 hours of the Dolphins 38-24 loss to the Patriots. The game was lost […]

Coordinators To Play Key Role In Monday Night Battle Against Pats

While all of Sundays game are almost complete, the Dolphins are getting prepared to suit up for battle against the rival New England Patriots, whom they will face tomorrow night on ESPN. While much can be said about how Miami can beat the Pats on the field with their talent, the bottom-line is that the […]

Upon Further Review: Dolphins Still Need FineTuning Following 17-13 Loss

Going into Saturday nights pre-season game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I said that the players to watch were Mike Pouncey, Reggie Bush, and Chad Henne. Coming out of the game, I was impressed with the performance of Henne. He was 10-13 for 175 and a 60 yard touchdown to Brandon Marshall. The two seem […]

Ireland Gives Thoughts On 2011 Free Agency

With rumors of the lockout being close to an end, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland recently spoke to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel about the effects of the lockout on free agency this year. I don’t know how to describe it other than nuts.  Ireland also said that the team is prepared with a plan, and […]

Williams Willing To End Career In Miami

Despite the ensuing lockout this summer, lest not forget the numerous free agents that the Miami Dolphins have yet to sign, or should I say, indicate that they would show interest in signing. Because of this pesky lockout, not only is the lack of substantial news boring, but teams are not allowed to interact with […]

Dolphins Filling Out Roster, But Plenty of Questions Left

Despite the everlong NFL lockout, the Miami Dolphins have still managed to fill out the roster through the draft earlier this spring. While they failed to answer all of the pressing questions that they faced entering the off-season, they added some what hopes to be, integral parts to the offense. With the team filling the […]